Bollywood Bound…well kind of

As part of my MRE research, and an assignment for one of my 5000 level courses, I am searching through an archive to find things of use for my hill station project. Which archive did I pick? The Indian cinema industry, which includes Bollywood!

How is that an archive? Well, it’s a storehouse of many different moments, ideas, pieces of information, etc. that all share a home – even if it isn’t a physical one. I am going to be mining this particular archive for references to hill stations.

BUT, as you may have heard, the Indian industry is the largest in the world. So I’m going to need help. Below I have a list of films which (of the top of my head) I remember having scenes set in hill stations. I’m about to delve into some serious research, but I would appreciate some help. If you know of a film that has a hill station in it, please do add to my list by leaving a comment. Thanks in advance!


Jab We Met (Shimla and Manali)

3 Idiots (Chail, Shimla)

Parineeta (2005) (Darjeeling)

Hill Station (1957) (…I can’t find out anything about this movie. If you have some information, I would be eternally grateful!)



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