Cambodia, Kampuchea-In Pictures.

The tourist’s gaze and historical/political awareness – of interest for the Public History crowd!

















The following is the text of my original blog entry titled,” The Sin of Tourism in Cambodia”

The past ten years I have travelled a fair bit (by my own pitifully low standards), even to the extent of being teasingly referred to as a globetrotter. Folks who called me that probably have a 60’s kind of understanding of the term.I have always been happy to visit a new place even if it happened to be a remote mining town in West Bengal or a Chinese industrial town on the Siberian border, where ever work or wanderlust took me.I have been asked by immigration officials weather if so and so country as evidenced by the visa on my passport actually exits, which is when you allow yourself a little smile of contentment.Growing up I read whatever came my way, giving wings to my mind but my body wanted a ride too.When…

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