Into the Wild

Into the Wild

After much deliberation, I have finally found a topic for my geography class! The topic? Wilderness. Specifically wilderness in hill stations. Since the class is a cultural geography of empire, I’m going to be tracking changes to the way “wilderness” has been thought of in hill stations from the colonial to postcolonial periods. I have … Continue reading


Decolonizing through Public History

Last Friday, I attended a talk by Dr. Monica Patterson (of Concordia University) called “Towards a Public History of Childhood in South Africa.” While it was engaging on a number of levels, it got me thinking about something that has recently been on my mind a lot: the Western academy’s colonial relationship with many of … Continue reading

I’ve got a Fever

I just finished reading Gayatri C. Spivak’s “The Rani of Sirmur.” My supervisor recommended it to me after I struggled through her “Can the Subaltern Speak?” which left me feeling somewhat cynical. “Rani” predates the latter essay, and is not quite as heavy.   I will admit that I struggled with the first chunk of … Continue reading

General Ochterl…

General Ochterlony was a gentleman and cordially hated the hill people. This excellent turn of phrase comes to you from Gayatri Spivak’s 1984 “The Rani of Sirmur” (254) 

Reverend William Sheppard

Reverend William Sheppard

Back to this photograph. At the most basic level it depicts a group of men. But, of course, we read into it far more than that. As Roland Barthes would argue, it is the connotations of what this photograph depicts which jar the viewer. Why is it troubling? Well, for one thing, it upsets notions … Continue reading

Why Photographs?

To begin with, an apology. I have, quite obviously, already broken my New Year’s resolution. Surprise, surprise. My excuse? A rather sad one: I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt an extra grad-level course this semester, in addition to some other extra-curricular activities. It doesn’t sound like much, but, well, my office-mates may attest otherwise … Continue reading

Lessons Learned and Re-Learned

Whew! Ok, so I have been a very bad blogger of late, and have neglected to write for some time, despite the fact that I handed in my last paper well over a week ago. But, since my new year’s resolution is better time management  – a large umbrella of a resolution entailing a variety … Continue reading

A Rootless Tree

I started writing this post, and then somehow closed it without remembering to save it. In retrospect, that was fortunate, because I believe I had been rambling quite a bit. I’ve been debating whether or not to blog about this for some time now, too, as it’s kind of personal, and I’m one of those … Continue reading

Bollywood Bound…well kind of

As part of my MRE research, and an assignment for one of my 5000 level courses, I am searching through an archive to find things of use for my hill station project. Which archive did I pick? The Indian cinema industry, which includes Bollywood! How is that an archive? Well, it’s a storehouse of many … Continue reading