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A Long Overdue Post

Over a month ago I was fortunate enough to attend a book launch at the Royal Ontario Museum. The title of the evening: “Raja Deen Dayal: Revealed.” The book: Raja Deen Dayal: Artist Photographer in 19th Century India by Dr. Deepali Dewan and Dr. Deborah Hutton. As you might imagine, I had a field day. … Continue reading


Vintage Indian Fashion

Vintage Indian Fashion I was trying to date a photograph with nothing to go on but the clothes in the image. Knowing very little about fashion history, and even less about Indian fashion history, I turned to that trusty source, the interwebs! I came across this blog, which has a fantastic range of images, from … Continue reading

For what shall I wield a dagger?

For what shall I wield a dagger?

Over the (all-too-brief) reading week, I watched an Indian art-house film from 2002, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. The film is set in 2001, around communal riots in an unspecified region of the country – somewhere near an unnamed hill station (!). Photography plays a significant role in the film, as the hero is a wildlife … Continue reading

Reverend William Sheppard

Reverend William Sheppard

Back to this photograph. At the most basic level it depicts a group of men. But, of course, we read into it far more than that. As Roland Barthes would argue, it is the connotations of what this photograph depicts which jar the viewer. Why is it troubling? Well, for one thing, it upsets notions … Continue reading

Why Photographs?

To begin with, an apology. I have, quite obviously, already broken my New Year’s resolution. Surprise, surprise. My excuse? A rather sad one: I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt an extra grad-level course this semester, in addition to some other extra-curricular activities. It doesn’t sound like much, but, well, my office-mates may attest otherwise … Continue reading